The abandoned foundry

This arena was constructed on the planet of Svandia, home to an eternal war between the elements of ice and fire. The arena is situated in the heart of an abandoned foundry, surrounded by flowing lava.

Game Mode

This abandoned foundry is situated on the scorching volcanic slopes of Svandia. It was recently converted into an a Games of Glory arena as a source of entertainment for the Synarch.

The Svandian arena pits two teams of 3 against one another in a Bo9 deathmatch.
The goal is to be the first team to win 5 rounds, each lasting 1 minutes and 20 seconds. Each round, one member of each team is randomly chosen as the Superstar.

There are two ways to win a round:

  1. Kill the enemy Superstar

  2. Be the closest Superstar to the central point on the map when the timer runs out

The Superstar, randomly chosen at the beginning of each round, can be identified by a star around his or her feet. Protect your own Superstar, all the while trying to eliminate the opponent Superstar.

If neither of the two Superstars has been eliminated at the end of the round (1 minute and 20 seconds), then the Superstar closest to the central point on the map (represented by a large star on the floor of the map).

At the beginning of each round, you will have 30 seconds to prepare yourself for combat. Once the round has started, it is impossible to regain hit points or buy weapons by returning to the base, you must wait until the round is over and the next preparatory phase has begun.

During each preparatory phase, you can use the 30 seconds to purchase your distance and melee weapons. You will begin the match with 1500 credits, and earn 1000 credits in between each subsequent round, regardless of whether you win or lose, to be able to continue upgrading.

You will begin the first round at level 4, which means that you will have 4 skill points to spend. Then, you will gain 2 levels and two additional skill points to spend each round. Remember, your ultimate skill is only available starting at Level 6.

Now, you have all the knowledge you need to go forth and vanquish the Svandian arena. Good luck!