Welcome Clone controller! 

Here you will find all of the necessary information to prepare you for entering the Games of Glory arenas.

Games of Glory is a competitive game that requires a blend of strategy and skill. Two teams will confront one another in futuristic arenas.
These battles are used not only to settle intergalactic conflicts, but to entertain and to amuse the Synarch, the Galaxy’s iron-fisted emperor.

Beginner’s guide

The beginner’s guide will provide information on Games of Glory’s basic controls and game mechanics. It will also guide you through your arena debut against bots, and, finally, against other players.


Arena & Game modes

There are two main Games of Glory arenas; each has it’s own game mode. You can learn more about them via the links below:

Interacting with other players

In this guide, we will discuss the following topics:


Finding teammates and coaches via the official Discord

You can also find like-minded community members on social media, as well as meet and discuss with Games of Glory’s developers: