We need a surrender button.

FeedbackCategory: Game designWe need a surrender button.
Killer66DeaD asked 1 year ago

Hi, I’m a PS4 Player. Have started this game at the time, when it went out. As a trophy hunter, I want to get the trophies ( Didn’t check them at the time tho because the game seemed really fun to me) The thing is,
I mostly have to win 1000 games accross all the arenas. Now, I do enjoy this game so this struggle is kinda worth it, but the problem is that a lot of the times I end up playing with people that are not motivated enough, some of them even stop playing when we are losing, and since I have to WIN so many games it gets me really frustrated to keep waisting minutes on a game I know I’m already losing.
So, a surrender button would be highly welcomed, as it could also be a fix for the AFK players problem( It seems like its a big one according to other feedbacks)
Like, afk people will automatically accept the surrender.

I stopped playing this game for a year because of this, and now that Im back to it, I feel like I would really enjoy it more if I had more control on my time spent there. I really don’t want to get annoyed till I stop again, this game has great potential, but now I mostly play it for fun with a PC friend, with the surrender button it will add a lot to this game.

While we are at it, I’d like to point out some things:
-My ID on the game is still the old one (PS4 added ID changing, and it didn’t change in the game)
-Would be nice if in Svandia map, when all the players are ready, we don’t have to wait those extra 10 secondes somehow each time.
-If I just finished a custom game with a friend, and at the end, we do a rematch, would love to not have to readjust all the settings for the next one, that all stays the same.
That’s about if for now, really love your work too! Keep it up!