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ShadowArcanist asked 4 years ago

Every game I attempt to connect to either ends up in ‘Match Rejected’ or the match loading freezing with no way to escape. Then after restarting the game multiple times, the ‘Play’ link says ‘Game Running’, will not let me reconnect nor will it let me disconnect. This is complete utter garbage and should not be permitted to be in the PS4 Store. The lack of quality control is amazing. But hey, I bet your Micro-Transactions are working perfectly, right?

KICHZY replied 4 years ago

I’ve been playing since the release on PS4 and although I’ve encountered long waiting times and Match Rejected on many occasions it doesn’t stop me from clicking quick match again…Why? Because the game itself is still in Beta and bugs, issues and adjustments are still being made to the game so the overall experience is better for you upon full release.

Instead of moaning and throwing accusations all over the place, Perhaps “try” and be constructive and give valid feedback to the small team that developed this game.

Corentin Dieleman replied 4 years ago

Hello ShadowArcanist !
We made patches to fix many bugs.
Do you still encounter this problem ?

See you in the Arena !

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Shuwze answered 4 years ago

It’s an open beta, bruh. I have many of the same issues, including getting stuck in loading and coming back to an “In Progress” game I am unable to join. However, I have played multiple matches, 4/5 on the medal board…thing. The game works, when you get in, and 9/10 times you DO get in.Β 
Also, yes, their microtransactions work.
No, they aren’t forcing you to buy them OR to play. πŸ™‚
But hey, I bet you’d throw a fit regardless, right?

PainFool replied 4 years ago

Is it an open beta or is this the full release? I thought it was a beta as well but Playstation announced it as the full release.

Shuwze replied 4 years ago

Open beta, so far as I know. It said that on the majority of review and gaming sites. PSN doesn’t specify though, instead just saying “Free to Download”, much like Paladins was on release.

AfroThunda-420 answered 4 years ago

You do realize this game came out 3 days ago right lol of coarse theres bugs and stabilty issues give it time..

Amadrias answered 4 years ago

Hi ShadowArcanist,
We feel very sorry that you went through these issues. Unfortunately, even with the heart that we put in the game development and with all the passes we went with QA, there are some issues that can’t appear before you actually get the game in the hands of highly numerous players:
The more players you have, the more chances you get to actually find specific issues.
To sort of reassure you, let me tell you that all the mentioned bugs are actually already fixed in an internal build that is going a pass on QA this weekend. We’re anxious to deliver you with a hotfix patch asap πŸ˜‰

KingKillMother answered 1 year ago

Look at all the white knights to the rescue, the guy has a valid point and y’all going to bash him. Stfu and quit riding the dev’s D, they should be held accountable and made aware of such a grave error that Miraculously made it through the cracks. I mean how do you account for a bug like this? Was there even the slightest testing done before shipping out with half the boat missing?!

KingKillMother replied 1 year ago

On a side note great looking game and fun concept can’t wait till I can actually play itπŸ™‚πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ