Something should really change with Molly

FeedbackCategory: Game designSomething should really change with Molly
Lord_Jorne asked 4 years ago

She has seemingly infinite mines which are also invisible, her silence has a huge range, her speed is crazy, and her ult can target anyone anywhere.
Right now it just isn’t fun to play with/against her. Here’s a couple suggestions other than removing and crucifying her:
– Make her silence either a) work like ragnars right click and affect one person at a time or b) allow basic attacks while silenced.
A lot of clones have slow movement speed so there’s no clear counter to the whole team being silenced at once
– Her mines should be limited to 1-2 active at a time, depending on how upgraded that ability is, or make them visible so they can be avoided. Or put them on a couple second timer and then they disappear.
Her speed makes sense because she’s a scout and her ult isnt really game breaking or op, but the first two are a huge problem, allowing her to clear groups of 3 or 4 early on bevause of the short cooldown and how long the silence lasts

KennyxKrucify replied 4 years ago

I completely agree with this, something needs to be done about Molly ASAP.
Her silencing should only affect skills and not basic attacks, at least that’s how I feel. Or the cooldown for silencing should definitely be raised, she can use it way too often.
As for the mines, I feel it should be no more than 3 active at a time, and they definitely should not stay on the map forever (or for as long as they do, if it isn’t forever, because it’s still too long.)

MrZiek replied 4 years ago

Rank 1 shade flare has a 18 second cool down. That means one use in the first 30 seconds of the match and only twice in the first minute. At max rank it is 8 seconds. So the cd is larger than you think. The mines are invisible due to the fact that they do very little damage and cause a slow. They are only really stackable if Molly is not using them very often. Late game yes, she can stack them often due to lower cd and she can have multiple ready to go. There is plenty of counterplay to Molly, people are just not taking the time to play a few games as her to see how Molly plays. Dont chase Molly ever. Peel off for objective. She will run to mines or her team like a good scout lol. I do agree with using basics while silenced tho.

MrZiek replied 4 years ago

Three times in the first minute, sorry, bad math.

Spa-m-And-Eggs replied 4 years ago

She can be shut down with the right kit. I do how ever think her speed need a little need. Speed is key in this game. With Molly the she is just so much faster then everyone so she can get away from almost any fight and/or chase you down. I would at least start with that see how it goes.

xDr_Typox replied 4 years ago

Weve had no problems against Molly's. The problem are teams taking next to nothing for CC and just getting ran around. Aside from her base movement speed she has no escapes. Roots, Stuns and Slows do the job easily.


Also, its the Blind that doesnt let you use basics, not the Silence.

MrZiek replied 4 years ago

I agree, any team with cc and coordination can easily take out a Molly. She is squishy at all levels if you get on her.

xDr_Typox replied 4 years ago

And if youre playing against a Molly who is stacking mines on portals in hopes of doing some good damage, youve found yourself a bad Molly. The mines are used best as wards, and to slow people dumb enough to chase her.

2 Answers
Anders Larsson answered 4 years ago

Hello everyone ! Thank you for your feedbacks !
We made a patch for Molly, it will be release soon. Molly will be able to silence, but not to blind.
About the mines, they last 90 secondes and deal low damages.
If the first nerf is not enough, we will nerf Molly again 😉

See you in the Arena !

Badecyde answered 4 years ago

So guys, now Molly is better i think since de patch. What do you think about her now?