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NiccoSuave asked 3 years ago

Let me start first by saying I really like this game, but it has a long way to go.
There are much bigger problems than this but it is just something that irks me.  You cannot access the scoreboard at the end of the game once the core dies.  I’m not sure if this is something that can be easily fixed or not but it seems like it is.

Corentin Dieleman replied 3 years ago

Hello NiccoSuave,

We are really happy that you like the game !
At the end of the game, you can click on the “recap” button. It’s a board with your stats during the match 😉

See you in the Arena !

Badecyde replied 3 years ago

Hello! In fact I think that he spoke more because no action is possible once the game finished . It is always nice to be able to congratulate his(her) team-mates or opponents at the end of a match.