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MrZiek asked 4 years ago
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So this is in regards to the leaderboards and how it shows there elo, not their rank. I am going to assume everyone on there is rank 1. I am rank 1 as well and have no clue what my own personal elo is, so I have no way of knowing how big or small the gap between me and the top 10 are. Is there any way for me to check my own elo aside from knowing I’m rank 1 with 5 medals? Will there be a website or something implemented in game later down the road? It’s just that I’m highly competitive and hate not knowing how far ahead the top 10 are when I know I’m in the same league as them. Looking forward to your reply LBC!

Corentin Dieleman replied 4 years ago

Hello Mr Ziek,
Thank you for your feedback ! I’ll forward it to our devs 😉
However, you can find some explanations about the ranking system here : .

See you in the Arena !