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Beatdropper asked 3 years ago

Dear Crew,
You may find below my thoughts and opinions on some changes some of the tryharders would like to see:
1.1) Item Balance:
Put the push/pull shotgun’s effect on every last hit or

  • Remove the fact it cancels animation (therefore, prevent you from autohiting/casting spells).
  • Replace the effects by:
    • A slow per hit
    • A 1 sec root on last hit

1.2) Item Balance
Fix the reflect dmg on swords
1.3) Item Balance
Try making pistols a bit more appealing, I would say a 5-10% increase in dmg would be just fine.
1.4) Item Balance
Precise the tooltip saying the the “claws” last effect that add 5 dmg on each kill you do is not permanent but “until your next death”
2.1) Balance on Leavers:
Give other players a % xp boost in case one of their teammate leaves the game. Leavers are one of the plague of this game and based on the kind of snowball this game provides, it’s impossible to win 3v4 unless the other team goes Grendel Sniper, Pinto dagger or Jasper pistol.

  • I assume no further improvements can be done to the matchmaking system until the community grow further a huge threshold (allowing high ELO players to always face equivalent opponents, instead of puting the TEAM’s elo down with newcomers)

2.2) Balance on Leavers:
Put some kind of leaverbuster (please)

  • A 15min no tag allowed atleast (raise this number as the community grows)
  • Force them to only use pistols for their next 3 games (yes that part is a troll)

3.1) Arkashan Balance:
Make towers give vision on the people they are hiting for 2 sec (use the same code as the one used with the sniper first effect)

  • It would prevent people from hiting towers with sniper + bullet through wall effect without ever being noticed/caught or puting the defender team no longer cry when seeing their turrets getting r*ped in front of them without any possible defense.

3.2) Arkashan Balance:
Either all clones should be able to melee the external side towers without getting hit by the middle ones or none should.

  • At the moment only small clones like Molly can melee those towers without getting hit by the center ones when hugging the left/right wall.

Same goes for the towers on the external victory points, some clones get hit by the turrets when crossing the door nearby the opponent base, most of them don’t.
4.1) Champion Balance:
Make Grejan ultimate also remove the possibility of being pushed/pulled.

  • I can’t get CCed, silenced, blinded etc, but I can get pulled. This is non sense.

4.2) Champion Balance:
I’m a Molly main, and I still admit her silence/blind ability  is a bit overpowered (despite being on a huge cooldown)

  • Make it last a bit less longer (minus 0.5 sec would be good enough).
  • Or make it only prevent opponents from using their weapons but be able to cast skills.
  • Or reduce the size of the silence’s cone by atleast 20%.

5) First timers
Please insist on below points in the tutorials

  • Utility of portals
  • On top of effects, you can buy dmg boosters for your weapons

6) UI:
I really like the top UI bar but please, make sure that we can always our opponents respawn timers, at the moment, sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t.
7) Clubs:
Create an “Officer” grade that can accept clan applies, would make things easier if we want to schedule spare matches between PS4 only and PC only clans.
8) BONUS (if you have any time left at some point)
– Please improve the server movement prediction/calcul. We most often experience weird melee range when battling a PS4 player (when on PC), but the other way around might be true too.
– If someone leaves during the load screen, don’t make everyone wait for 12 minutes before entering the game
Thanks for the reading, just wanted to share my point of view.
@Anyone: Please feel free to discuss above points

PainfulPwnage replied 3 years ago

I’ve read through all of it and I can’t disagree with any of it. I think everything would help GoG. +1
Good read & write up beat.

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Beatdropper answered 3 years ago

Update 1:
9) Forum
Allow players to “EDIT” their post ;-). Currently getting a “permission denied”
1.5) Item Balance

  • There’s currently a bug where the bullet don’t get past corpses or creditis on the ground (unless you take the “bullet pierce through opponents” effect
  • There’s a weird aim when you’re charging a bullet, looks like where you’re aiming moves by a fixed amount of said 5 degree each time

10) Global
Hide the “level up” sprite to the opponent team if they don’t have vision on you. It gives you 2 sec to see where your opponents are even in the fog.

Anders Larsson answered 3 years ago

Hello Beatdropper!
Wow that’s a huge feedback, thank you so much!
I’ll forward your feedback to our game designers and developers 😉

See you in the Arena !
Lightbulb Crew Support Service

Beatdropper answered 3 years ago

4.1) Champion Balance:

  • Grendel: Her ultimate dmg is okay since it’s not that easy to land however
    • Being able to use it on Judge and chunk 40% of it’s maximum health is a bit overpowered.
    • Its cooldown is a bit too small, I feel like ultimate should be trump card to use when it’s the right time, not something to spam every 20 sec.
  • Jorndyr: Ultimate again.
    • Please increase its ultimate’s cooldown, reduce the shield amount a bit or the aoe range to apply it. I get it that Jorndyr’s a support but with his current kit (and once level 7) Jorndyr is the king of duels, on top of having one of the best team fight ultimate of the game.


Corentin Dieleman replied 3 years ago

Hello Beatdropper !
I forwarded your new feedback to our game designers, they noted really interesting ideas 🙂

Beatdropper answered 3 years ago

bump for shotgun changes