Players are out of play and hurt other players.

FeedbackPlayers are out of play and hurt other players.
Rozan-Ryu asked 3 years ago

The players suffer a lot with other players who enter the game and they are stopped the rest of the game, this is too bad who is firm in playing a round.
You need to do some means to correct this problem, and you can report or reward the team with some status bonus for players available in the game.
Adding a reporting system would be great.
Sorry for my lousy English.

1 Answers
Anders Larsson answered 3 years ago

Hell Ryan-Ryu,
thank your for your feedback!
Actually, we are thinking about punishment for decline match and for leaving a match too many times.
Don’t hesitate to give more of your feedbacks, it’s really helpful for us 😉
See you in the Arena!