Many leavers/AFK and let PC type to players

FeedbackMany leavers/AFK and let PC type to players
Mikru asked 3 years ago

I know you guys know about the leavers/afk/declines and just wanted to suggest maybe some type of reporting system for that…
Also I think it’d be really helpful to let PC users, at least, to type to people. I could strategize with my team or maybe talk about something funny that happened with the other team

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Anders Larsson answered 3 years ago

Hello Mikru,
thank your for your feedbacks, it’s very helpful for us to improve our game !

Actually, we are thinking about a way to punish leavers/decliners.

For the chat, it’s difficult to set up a chat because Sony asks a lot of features to authorize a chat in a cross-platform game to protect players from insult, racism, etc. It is planned to set up a chat, but it will take time.
For the moment, you can go to our official discord to meet other players and strategize with them during a match : .
See you in the Anera !