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xDr_Typox asked 4 years ago

So far after three days of attempting to play my team has only been able to play one game. We have spent exponentially more time in queue then we have in game unless were counting bot matches due to the fact were tired of waiting. The longest we have sat in queue so far is 25 minutes, but now were to the point where we will reset the queue at 10 minutes only to wait another 10 minutes at a time.
Does this game just have such a small playerbase that were not finding any other players or is there some sort of networking error in place? Either way, its become increasingly frustrating and its hard to tell how much longer we will be able to fathom this.

Spa-m-And-Eggs replied 4 years ago

Waiting over an hour to find even one match. It’s getting to the point where we don’t even want to come back and try after this. Game was fun with friends the one game we actually got to play was fun. But the bad is heavily out weighing the good unfortunately.

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Amadrias answered 4 years ago

Hi guys,
Matchmaking is one of the hardest things to get right in a game like ours.
So, as I post this response, we know why it is sometimes performing poorly for you and we will be working on it:
Group matchmaking is currently implemented to match your team of 2, 3 or 4 players against solo queues and not other groups resulting on having potentially multiple groups “fighting” to get the available solo queued players.
This hadn’t been brought to our attention before we actually got into Open Beta and we’re talking about it internally to see how and when we can get that better.

xDr_Typox replied 4 years ago

That sounds like it not only ruins the experience of groups due to not finding a game in forever but also ruins the experience of solo players. I’m unsure if I’ve ever played a multiplayer game which prioritizes putting solo players against premades.