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ronnievod asked 3 years ago

Largest feedback I can give is that people leaving and AFKing is a huge problem.  I’ve seen one or both of these issues in all of my first 7 games of trying this out.  There’s no way to report them. This is a pretty serious issue for a new player.

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Corentin Dieleman replied 3 years ago

Hello Ronnievod,

Thank you for your feedback, this make it possible to know which point the team has to work on as a priority.
We are aware of this problem. Actually, we are thinking about a punishment for leavers and/or about a way to help / boost players who are in a afk teams.

See you in the Arena !

ronnievod replied 3 years ago

Thanks so much! It’s good to know you’re aware of what a large deterrent this is.