Issue with matchmaking.

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Zedenjika asked 3 years ago

Copy-paste of my discord message, just to be sure it reaches the good guys! Thanks for making this great game, have a nice day! o7
Alright, so I think it has been mentioned before and you guys already know about that, but I’ll reiterate here in-case it has been missed, and post it on too in order to raise awareness, but I feel it’s really important for the future of Games of Glory and its population number&health, as well as its competitive aspect.
If you queue through the custom match option, you will always be on the home team (left side). Your enemies will always be on the away team (right side), having queued through quickmatch. Let me develop:
As a team, you only fight solo-queuers. You can’t fight other teams in the queue pool, because both you and them can’t be on the right side. Which basically means there is 4 kind of matches:
1) You play solo and fight other solo players, which is fine.
2) You play solo and fight teams, which isn’t quite balanced and could lead to a lot of frustration for solo players, as they will eventually only fight teams and get slaughtered, at which point they might either quit (or join a team but:).
3) You play as a team and you stomp solo players, which is a huge issue because it will lead to an insane W/L ratio and a skewed ELO rating for your group. Teams will have to wait a long time to fight newcomers/solo players down the road because they won’t be enough of them to fill the away team, or won’t get into matches at all despite other teams being online and willing to play because they cannot meet.
4) You have to contact other teams and create matches by yourself by adding friends on Steam/PS4/other networks, otherwise you won’t ever fight coordinated players, which in itself is a huge problem too. You won’t be able to improve yourself against a similarly skilled group outside of organized scrims and tournaments. Most players won’t bother with the trouble of setting that up, even competitive and motivated gamers will move on.
That is it. I hope I was clear in my explanations and I’m not troubling you much. I started playing recently and I’m enjoying my time a lot. I would like the game to grow and flourish (and I have to confess, I’m a bit sour of what happened to both Evolve and Nosgoth, which had sadly similar kinds of problems because both were great games at their core, as Games of Glory is, and both had caring and loving devs and diehard fans until the end) and have great interest in theorycrafting (as you can probably guess from my previous messages and WIP spreadsheet).
Thank you for your time and attention. If needed, I can discuss that further (both in english and french). Have a great day! 🙂

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Zedenjika answered 3 years ago

Disregard, it seems to have been fixed. Thanks Lightbulb Crew!

Corentin Dieleman replied 3 years ago

Hello Zedenjika,
Thank you to report bugs ! It really help us to enhance the game !