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MrZiek asked 3 years ago

I’m unsure of it’s been brought up, but this is something that more experienced players will enjoy if it happens. Fluidity of the in game shop menu. In a game about making maximum use of your time, smoothing and speeding up your ability to shop would be incredibly helpful. On psn at least, the fastest way to maximize speed while shopping is to risk opening the shop while backing due to the delay of movement in the shop. It opens, if you try to go too fast the delay can potentially make you select something you didn’t want. However, if the menu was more responsive to the experienced player knowing exactly what they want and allowing them to navigate the menu without whatever is causing the delay in button input would be a great QoL change.

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Anders Larsson answered 3 years ago

Hello MrZiek !
Thank you for this feedback, I’ll discuss about it with devs !

See you in the Arena !