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PainFool asked 3 years ago

Some issues that make playing games of glory that much more frustrating.

  1. Automatic re-queueing. When someone dodges queue (which happens A LOT) you need to re-queue yourself. Which only adds to the frustration.
  2. No punishment for dodging queue multiple times. (Or so I\’ve been told)
  3. OP melee. Melee is still very, very strong.
  4. Cross platform lagging issues. I\’ve noticed that I\’ve had laggy issues pop up way more often when playing against a PC player on my PS4.
  5. Weird positional lock issue that prohibits you from running away.
  6. Unbalanced skill levels. Because it\’s such a new game, many players (at least in Ranks 1/2/3/4/5) still get matched up with first timers.

Do you agree or not? Please tell me why. 🙂

T4Josh replied 3 years ago

u forget the leaver. i got 2 games where 2 left and no replacement at least with bots

Corentin Dieleman replied 3 years ago

Hello PainFool,

thank your for your feedbacks !
1. Yes, it’s a great idea. I will ask our devs how they can do it.

2. Actually, we are thinking about a punishment for players who dodge queue too many times, and for players who are leaving matchs too many times too.

3. Why do you think melee is too strong ? Because of the damage, or the mods effects ?

4. It’s the first time a player tell me this. I will examine this with our devs.

5. I don’t understand. Can you tell me more about this ?

6. We know this problem, we are thinking about it too but as you said, it’s a new game so it’s difficult to create different queue at the moment.

Don’t hesitate to give more feedbacks, they are really precious for us 😉

See you in the Arena !