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Skadanton asked 3 years ago

So, after playing over 300 games I can say without a doubt that GoG is a game with huge potential (on PS4, sadly it can hardly compete with similar games on PC). Take it with a grain of salt and remember that I like the game c:
It’s painful to see how “dead” server(s) is at almost any hour of the day, yet this isn’t the biggest problem.
Menus: As someone who uses Unity on a daily bases I understand the struggle when it comes to menus and controller supports – but everything feels too goddamn slow and laggy. Moving from one tab to another happens with a delay and the shop window is just straight up slow when it comes to updating information.
Augmentations: With clones, skins, and accessories…well there’s nothing new and it’s not bad nor good…but you added augmentations that do stand out – but finish. These few % make absolutely no difference (and it’s not an exaggeration) to the gameplay; not to mention that the whole system look like it was made in a week and slapped in “just because why not”?
Map Rotations: This is the biggest “?” I had in mind when I realized that the only 2 maps (game modes) cannot be played via matchmaking at the same time. Whether it’s due to lack of players and long queue times but at least rotate these game modes every month (or so) and not every 3 months (or god knows how long it is).
Gameplay: This is where GoG shows a poor game quality. Without even going to the balancing side (and oh boy that’s a problem), some of the weapons have major issues. Sniper rifle shots often don’t damage enemies (while clearly hitting them with a designated flash and sound effect) and shotguns straight up mess clone models with all the pushing.
Man I honestly love GoG – I find myself coming back to it almost everyday just to play few games before queue times get ridiculously long; and I understand that the game is still not fully released…BUT. POLISH. IT.
Going back to the whole potential it has – I can totally see it being a great free-to-play game with lots of constant player base but it just won’t happen until it feels like a well made game…sadly as if right now it feels like a side project with no love.
I hope that devs will polish the game to a new level of quality and start making patch updates more often (I mean come on, you remove sniper rifle charging meter and it takes you MONTHS to bring it back?)
Ehhhh, almost a great game – but not just yet.

natacha replied 3 years ago

Hi Skadanton,

Thank you for the feedback! We have read it all and are taking it into account.
With regards to the “side project” note, this was a full time project for us with 17 full time employees working on it for 3 years. Making multiplayer games is complicated! We did put quite a lot of love in it 🙂

See you in the arena

Lootem_ replied 3 years ago