[FoV] Beatdropper's feedback

Feedback[FoV] Beatdropper's feedback
Beatdropper asked 2 years ago

Since it’s late, I’ll just do an exhaustive list, please bear in mind that I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feeling here, game have never been any better than right now, but in my opinion, there’s still a bit more to do.
– Hammer second augmentor (bottom one): Tooltip lacks “on hit” information
– Claws: Third augmentor (the one that gives +dmg on kill) don’t display anywhere, would be nice to have an icon with current bonus
– Daggers last dmg bonus price tag still misses the last character.
– Arkashan: Running inside the judge pit while he casts his AoE dot zone. Said zone don’t appear on the screen (most of the times when it happens)
– Jasper: Make his ultimate also drag people around his starting point
– Jasper: Sometimes his ultimate animation keep playing when you hit a wall for its full duration.
– Jasper: His horn ram (right click spell): cooldown/level goes 12/11/12 (?)/11. I doubt this is intended (or maybe a tooltip issue)
– Grendel: Had a weird bug on tuesday’s showmatch. I had 180 movespeed by default on the last round, making me unable to move when hit by any slow (as if it kept being calculated based on the default speed).
– Jorndyr: Please increase its ultimate cooldown. A 500hp shield for 15 sec every 30 sec at lvl1 is okay, every 20 sec at lvl2 becomes overpowered, but every 10 sec at lvl3 with the possibility to add a shield on top of another (for atleast 5 sec) makes it godlike in every situation (especially given the possibility it has to shield your whole team). Reducing the shield amount by 100hp at all level and making its cooldown go from 30 to 25 to 20 would be a good way to go without it being OP (keeping the possibility to shield your allies).
– I can’t possibly imagine how hard it is to harmonize the PS4 and PC protocols, server redundancy and have a really responsive server/client positionning but please try to improve things around it. The game feels more and more clunky as times goes on, making ranged weapon unrewarding/underwhelming to play.
Have a lovely week end

Beatdropper replied 2 years ago

– Please allow us to edit our topics/posts on the feedback forum </3

Beatdropper replied 2 years ago

Also 2:
For some reason, it feels like we're tagging way faster than before, while this may be because of an increased population, I fear that the current mmr used in the matchmaking still divides the group mmr by 4 instead of 3. This is neat for high mmr groups like us, but still, might be worth it to check (just in case).