First timer. First impression. Aim camera…

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nilihanth asked 3 years ago

I played my first game today. Very first thing I noticed was the camera. When aiming on console, the camera shifts in the direction aimed, but this is incredibly jarring and nearly nauseating. 
Aside from the camera, the match I played was enjoyable and there seems to be potential on this game. I’ve been excited for more MOBAs on console and I hope this does well.
However, I just cannot come back to this while the camera remains like that. I saw nowhere in the options to change it either. 

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Anders Larsson answered 3 years ago

Hello Nilihanth !
Thank you for your feedback !
We are really happy that you enjoyed the game !
Actually, ours devs are working on the camera. The problem you raised is on our issues list.

See you in the Arena !