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ShortyMcBow asked 3 years ago

Hey Shorty here and so far from playing the game with my clan and getting to rank 1 myself we are ready to post  a list of everything we feel is needed to help advance the game in a better direction.
Fixes to the current game

  1. Elo ranks should be open to see and not just the top 10.
  2. Ranking up and leveling up should give us credits or something to help get more clones. After 50+ hours of playing I am almost able to afford an 8k clone.
  3. Matchmaking with friends should be more simple with a separate tab for it. Customs should be its own thing.
  4. Hero Masteries should be a thing. Maybe one you get the highest rank for your hero you can unlock an accessory like a crown to show your mastery for it.
  5. Communication should be more fluent. Maybe add a voice comm to the game with an easy mute system encase things get bad. This game needs this as many new players to the genre do not understand it.
  6. Win Streak bonus. After winning 3 games maybe every game after that you get two medals.
  7. Rework of items. Right now melee and short range is OP shotguns and melee carry games wayyyy to hard. Maybe add better abilities and more options to each build.
  8. Armor. You can buy an armor pack for x amount of credits that act like a shield and once it is destroyed you have to buy it again. This would add better options for fragile heros like pinto who get destroyed once you hop on him.

Quality of Life changes


  1. Clan skin packs. From x amount of money you can buy a pack that gives you clan skins for every hero current and future. Not only would this be very good for comp clans, but it would make showing support for your clan a lot better.
  2. More options for clan communication. Running a clan of near 600 people this would make things easier. Honestly a whole rework on it would be great.
  3. Twitch streams with current development of the game and updates. Many smaller companies like yours have done this and have grown huge. During the streams do giveaways and get people pumped for the next update!
  4. Along with that do giveaways as well. Maybe a one time code for a skin and hero or something. That will bring in many players of you team that up with a few larger websites.

These are all I  was told by the clan and I came up with on a notepad while playing. I hope to see some of these make it into the game and I can not wait until the next few updates 😀

DGGAMING0 replied 3 years ago

I second all of these, Dangerousgamers here… Especially the clan communication, and ingame voice chat, also maybe implement crates, for 5 wins in a row you get one, 10, 15, also ever level… Make the crates worth skins, accessary, So., Credits, and more

ShortyMcBow replied 3 years ago

Hey DGGAMING0 good to see you in the forums it's been fun the few games I went against you! Yeah I second the crates idea as well that is a good idea we never thought of. Maybe at lvl 10 get a champ of your choice or something. The biggest issue is right now you only fight against the same 5 champs with maybe 1 champ being a new one every 5 games or so.

Also, if you see this come hop on the discord with us I would love to get some clan comps going and maybe team some of the better of us up. It would be awesome to start seeing some club interaction going on 🙂

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DGGAMING0 answered 3 years ago

Great post

asseraj replied 3 years ago

Hi – This is Asseraj here (co-founder of Lightbulb Crew). Thank you for this well thought out feedback. We are right now working on a bunch of new features, as well as focusing very hard on making the game better for those that come new to the game. Below you will find some comments on your notes.
– Elo ranking is a very tricky thing. We are only showing the top to avoid someone who is starting out having a negative experience. We will soon roll-out other types of rankings that will complement the top 10 ranking
– We are evaluating how to change the balance based on what we are hearing and seeing, your message on melee and close combat is echoed by others, We are thinking about the right tweaks.
– In our first patch we are changing and improving the grinding and levelling up experience, adding rewards of different types, This goes to both gaining more credits, some skins etc. We think you will like it!
– The idea of skin-packs is good. We have been thinking about this for some time, and we will likely introduce a league skin pack soon.
– Communication is a priority issue as well, where we have clear ideas. It is complicated by being cross-platform however. As we get a clearer view on when we will roll out the changes we will communicate about it. One issue where we are focusing is improving Club communication, including Club chat of course!
– We will be doing some giveaways. Check out these links: Steam:
PS4 (Americas):
for a few simple actions you will get access to stuff 🙂

Thank you so much for taking the time to write these suggestions. I will personally be more present on this board, and hope to be able to participate in some of the discssions.

– Asseraj