Feedback after playing two full days after release.

FeedbackCategory: Game designFeedback after playing two full days after release.
PainFool asked 3 years ago

Games of Glory is a great game that gives the MOBA genre the creative inpulse it needs. As someone who played League of Legends, Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm I think I’m fit to give some feedback about the game.

  1. Que dodging: As of now, there is no punishment for dodging que multiple times. This can be quite frustrating since finding games most of the time takes 2 ~ 5 minutes.
  2. Matchmaking in teams: Teamwork is EXTREMELY important in this game. Yet I feel like, whenever I’m playing with friends, we steamroll through the opponents. The reverse has happened to me in solo que. I think pre-arranged teams should not play with solo que players. It doesn’t seem fair.
  3. Graphic User Interface. The Interface looks stylish (Good job guys), yet it can be quite difficult to actually know what you’re clicking on. I don’t think white is such a good highlight color when the majority of the screen focusses on white.
  4. Automatic game searching. Whenever someone dodges que, you’re supposed to click ‘ok’, go back to the ‘play’ tab and click ‘quick match’ again. This can be frustrating when browsing the store while waiting for a game.

These are just some of the most important issues. I got some more but compared to these they can be considered trivial. What do you guys think?

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Shuwze answered 3 years ago

I agree with you, your third and fourth points especially. Due to the nature of the menus, and the amount of time I can get lost in checking out skins and building knowledge about certain characters, I often don’t realize what I’m clicking on until I get stuck in a loop of “Oops, I didn’t want that. Not that either! AUGH,” moments. 
I would, however, like to point out a rather frustrating bug that has happened multiple times which may account for SOME players not being able to join a match they queued for. 
Ex.) You’re in a menu and you find yourself clicking away (on PS4 in my case) and a que pops up. The game doesn’t recognize this, however, and you’re navigating the menu BEHIND the queue menu which is supposed to override whatever you’re doing at the time. Seconds tick down, and you’re stuck – queue passed. 
This happened to me in the Clan/Squad/Guild menu thingy twice, and in the store once. I had no intention of skipping, I was just unable to accept. I hope that issue is addressed soon, as well.

AfroThunda-420 answered 3 years ago

I agree with this completely. Especially the first two points. Que dodgers and leavers need some sort of punishment,it’s not fair to the people waiting to playing and to the teams that now have to make up for losing someone (Though a bot got replaced with a disconneted player at the start of one of my matches but i’ve only seen that once.)
For the second point  I feel the same. My team and I come through and wreck face and then I play solo queue when they log and it happens to me lol. Just need to keep the teams with teams and solo with solo except for fill ins of coarse. I’m sure they’ll do something about this sooner than later.