End of updates? Till when?

FeedbackCategory: QuestionsEnd of updates? Till when?
Killer66DeaD asked 1 year ago

Okay so a few hours ago I posted a feedback asking a surrender button ( Pleaase if you are a dev go check it out and hopefully give a positive answer to that)
But when I went to the community news, I saw that you guys are stopping “major updates” because you are working on a new game, what does that mean to this one? Like would you continue “minor updates” ?( Fixing issues nstuff)  And if your second project works well, would you consider getting back to this one? To at least finish it? If not, since you are letting it aside forever that means that you will close servers one day or another, when you think that would be?
Ayo I really need my trophies on this one please let it live longer and give a surrender button, I’ll buy all the additional content to thank you! :'(
And it’s really sad to see it end here tbh, just reminds me of Paragon, wish that some games had more chances, but I do understand your choices and respect them. With that said, excited to see what’s gonna come from you guys.