Clone stats; what do those symbols mean on the bottom?

FeedbackClone stats; what do those symbols mean on the bottom?
TaffyAppleGaming asked 3 years ago
Nizar Azaiez replied 3 years ago

In order, from left to right:
1 – Armor
2 – Attack speed
3 – Skill effect
4 – Movement speed
5 – Cooldown reduction
6 – Attack damage

Feel free to ask if you need more info!

Zedenjika replied 3 years ago

If you want more details, I’m working on a spreadsheet for all clones here:
Pretty sure total weapon damage works the same as total skill damage, with a base damage for each weapon + (base damage x bonus damage), but we need further testing.

TaffyAppleGaming replied 3 years ago

Nice pal! And thank you

xDr_Typox replied 3 years ago

Bless you Zed, youve done God’s work here.

ComptonEMT replied 3 years ago

Zedenjika. Thanks for making the spreadsheet. I had asked about this a few weeks ago and glad to see someone is jumping on it. Even though it’s not actually something that effects gameplay could you put their affiliation/faction on there too? would be a nice touch

Toriel replied 3 years ago

This is the type of information that should be readily available on the website with each character’s profile.

Same for the weapons.