CornSoop asked 3 years ago

I play on the PS4 and I have a quick question. How do I know I’m only playing bots? On the PS4 there isn’t an indication, but just strange letters for the username and the initials [PC] on the bottom of their avatar. When I check some of the Club’s games I can clearly see that sometimes some members have played against Bots because it says Bot as the name. Then again when I hit quick match to get started it’s always the same.
Is this intentional or is it that there aren’t many people playing?

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Fr3akwinsee replied 3 years ago

Yeah i checked my match history on the sit and if you hover over the other portraits, they all say “bot”.I also put off cross platform and I still get matched with PS4 players only. So I’m guessing they disguise Bots as players. Such a bummer, I really got into this game but that killed it for me.