Balancing suggestion for late game

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Lord_Jorne asked 4 years ago

Love the game so far, I’ve played a lot. After winning a fair amount of games I kinda feel like it gets one sided later into the game.
My main suggestion here is that after one team’s shield goes down, when the doors close, the losing team automatically gets all 3 victory points. This way the teams attention isn’t completely split between guarding towers and trying to maintain the victory points as often.
Another idea is limiting the portal at the same point. When the shields go down, make the middle and opposite portal unusable for the winning team. So when the losing team gets a kill they have a minute to catch their breath and get their strategy together.

PainFool replied 4 years ago

I disagree. That would completely cater to the losing side. I just think that the death timers should increase way more rapidly (15 seconds after 15 minutes? Comon..) and that the core should regenerate if it hasn’t taken damage for a while. This way you can actually defend and push out / counter instead of defending endless waves of enemies throwing themselves at the core.

Philippe Da Silva replied 4 years ago

Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback. What you are referring to is you believe the game as a snowballing effect and while we agree that it shouldn’t be too severe, it is a definitive component of the game pace: we don’t want the end of the match to last too long but still give opportunities to the team getting difficulties to reverse the situation.

We’ll be analyzing the data we received as we get more matches to eventually change some details to balance the map snowball effect but we’d be glad to see more opinions on the topic to nourish objective data with some more subjective feelings 😉