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DoomBlackDragon asked 3 years ago

So few things I notice with the game. You have your go to weapons and then you have weapons no one will touch.
So basic combo is AR and long swords. While I feel AR are fine. The other range guns need a reason to be picked. Sniper rifles unless fully charge do not register hits. Which is a big no no. Even a half charge gun should make the people back off. Maybe increase the time to charge timer to help with this. 
Pistols seem to be very underpowered for being classified as an assassin weapon. The could use a big buff buff.
Flame thrower, rocket launcher and shotgun seem they could be useful but people rarely use them. Not sure how to balance them. Hoping someone could drop an idea on why they need.
Now swords seem to be way to strong. Mainly their reach and the fact they do not slow you down for swinging them. Swing such a massive weapon would slow down even the strongest warriors in medivel times. As those weapons could easily throw someone off balance and the energy it takes to swing it.
Frankly I want all the weapons to be close to the same seconds to kill as the other ones. When you are looking at a basic set squishy hp pool. Which seems to be about 2k at end game. Not saying a squish vs tank should have the same kill to death timer. A tank should take longer.
Speaking of tanks. I am starting to notice your tanks can take far more punishment as your assassin/carry but at the same time can dish out the same amount of damage. Same goes for healers. Maybe give them a damage reduction to weapon damage. for example a 20% damage deal through weapons would be a nice touch or maybe adding a weapon damage buff to scouts/assassin/carry.
Right now tanks and healers have a major advantage. As they do the same amount of weapon damage as these damage classes but have high survivability

xDr_Typox replied 3 years ago

In top tier play, Shotgun is used in every team comp. Flamethrower is also rising in popularity, and you will rarely if ever see AR’s. Sword is a weapon you will see forever until they fix the damage Reflect, but fortunately all characters (Im looking at your Grendal) cant use the sword, so its not so OP that it cant be dealt with. Snipers register hits regardless of charge, but I agree the pistol needs some work as I never see it used by anyone except new blood.

Tanks have some of the slowest movement speed out of all the characters in game, and they all have abilities that are focused on self-preservation and CC, as compared to Carries and Assassins whom mostly all have steroids, escapes or damage dealing abilities.

I recommend watching a stream of some top tier players, theyre pretty much the only ones who do stream the game currently.