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NexsusNova asked 3 years ago

im so in love with this game but i feel like there isnt any penalty if u dc or leave i have had 5 games now were teammates have just left and im alone fight a team

natacha replied 3 years ago

Hi! We have had a few people request this so we are actually working on it. It will come in a future patch although I don’t if it will make it into this first hotfix patch that we are working on.

natacha replied 3 years ago

Oh and p.s. glad you like it!

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Amadrias answered 3 years ago

Hi NexsusNova,
As mentioned by Natacha, we’re on it. 😉

KICHZY replied 3 years ago

The main issue is people who are AFK throughout the match, I’ve come across it so many times where I just have to leave. It’s simply infuriating not having a system in place that kicks these people. I have screenshots of just me playing whilst my three supposed teammates haven’t moved an inch for over 9 minutes.

So I ask, Please do not implement a system that punishes people who leave games. Those who casually sit there earning XP whilst being AFK are the problem!!!

Philippe Da Silva replied 3 years ago

KICHZY, both are related: as long as someone behaves against the teamplay rules, we need to find a way to fix it.

I myself play the game quite often and I just hate when we get into such situations: we can’t let a few unrespectful players make the games of other players a frustration. You can be sure that we’ll find a proper answer to all these situations.

Bare just with us that it takes some time to get that properly designed, implemented and tested as we don’t want to introduce new bugs while we add these feature additions 😉

KICHZY replied 3 years ago

I understand it takes time, thanks for addressing the issue. Looking forward to future updates.

DGGAMING0 answered 3 years ago

It p***Ses me of when people leave aswell, but we do understand its still beta, and we are happy you are listening to the community

Kargion answered 3 years ago

Just started playing yesterday on PS4 and this drove me crazy.  I would like it to kick after say 2mins afk, then let a bot take it over, same if they leave.  
Also no one has done this before but I would love a feature called join already started game.  Maybe I don’t have time for a full game but I want to go in an help, you pick up the char where it got left off, all money refunded you just level it up and go.

asseraj replied 3 years ago

Hi – i am one of the co-founders of Lightbulb Crew. As Amadrias said above, we are working on different aspects potential solutions to it. Unfortunately it is NOT easy. In some situations it might for example be better NOT to replace a player by a bot. And how do we deal with injecting a new player into a game that is already ongoing, where people have leveled up etc?

The first level of solution is probably to reduce the number of games that more experienced players play with absolute beginners. The next level is probably making putting in place sanctions for leavers (and those that do not accept an offered match). Then we will be looking at other types of solutions.

We are working on it, and thank you all for your feedback!