12 games in and getting rolled by teams

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Kablink0 asked 4 years ago

Hi all. Like many I am new here, and am hoping for big things from this game, as it has a lot of things that I like already.
My comment so far is that at 10 games into my experience/career, I am level 3 and playing against full teams of 4 who are higher level (at least level 5) players. I can tell from their icons. My team has players figuring out the buttons back at base, or simply dropping out. It was fine the first few times it happened, but I’d like to be able to play the game at some point too.
I’ll try a few more games, but this seems like a bad way to get new players to stick around. Can you add a button  like Quick Match, but to play against bots up to maybe level 2 or even 5?

Loic replied 4 years ago

Hello kablink0 🙂

You can start a custom game versus bots if you want to, you can even invite friends to pwn them. 😉

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AfroThunda-420 answered 3 years ago

Try finding a community on Ps4 or start a forum on here to find people to play with. 

Corentin Dieleman replied 3 years ago

Hello AfroThunda-420, you can join our official discord (https://discord.gg/36FHE95) to find a community and players 😉

Badecyde answered 3 years ago

Hi there! Im just a player of Games Of Gory, but i cant tel you is there a lot a player from PS4, you can come to the GOG discord server and ask for join a club. In a club you can add PC players and PS4 players in the same team, so, its more easy to find (or make) a team like this. There are some good club on PS4 (like Guntlet for exemple) and the game need more Club to be really competitive.