Games of Glory


Things are changing in Games of Glory and you might have some questions, here is the place we’re answering them!


What is Games of Glory?

Games of Glory is a free-to-play top-down team shooter. A shooter arsenal (think snipers, shotguns, rifles…) meets a top-down view and skillshot based characters for intense, fast-paced gameplay with no skill cap.

The Games of Glory are the only sport that matters in the futuristic universe known as the Synarchy. The game itself offers a sports-like social experience driven by Clubs, which you can create, join, and compete in with your friends (or make some new friends!).


Why are you closing the early access?

We will soon be announcing the release and we don’t want any new players coming in and seeing the old version of the game, which is not representative of the final product, as we have brought significant improvements since the early access version.

All of our early access players will receive a special reward as a thank you when the game comes out.

What will happen if I have purchased and/or received something as a reward in the early access version of the game?

All of your items will either be preserved or compensated in Soldi (‘hard’ virtual currency).

  • Individual Clones (acquired either using Crediti or Soldi): No changes! You will keep every Clone you have acquired.
  • Skins: Any skin you have purchased you will get to keep in the full game.
  • Hats: Many of our hats did not make it into the new version. If any of your hats has been removed, you will receive a gift in Soldi for each one. You can use your added Soldi to purchase brand new skins in the store.
  • Soldi: All of your current Soldi will be transferred to the new game.
  • Packs: All of the packs you have purchased will be maintained. Some packs contain headgear that has not been maintained. You will be compensated separately for each individual item that no longer exists.
What will happen to Creditis, Perks, and XP that I have earned?

Creditis will be kept. XP will be reset. In the alpha, all perks were free. We are wiping them for now as they have been postponed to a future patch following our release.

What will happen to my controller and stats? Will leaderboards be preserved?

Your level and ELO will be reset. Leaderboards will be based on a new system. Your match history will be conserved, for nostalgic reasons, but not counted anywhere. Remember, this is a whole new game!


What has changed since early access and why?

There are some tough competitors in the market and we wanted to give our game a fair chance by doing something unique. We have taken the feedback of the community into account as much as possible (we read all your reviews!) and simultaneously tried to make the things that make the game unique more central.

Beyond that, there has been a total graphical overhaul (things look *much* nicer) and a lot of work on the general overall feeling of the game. Of course, we’ve added a few new characters as well and some other content as well 🙂

When will the game come out?

As soon as we are satisfied with the quality of the product. We will be announcing a date range soon.

Where can I ask more questions?

If you need anything don’t hesitate to shoot a message over to support[at]