Arkashan Arena

The planet of Arkashan is a city-world that acts as the capital of the Synarchy, intergalactic empire, governed by the Synarch with an iron fist. The Arkashan arena was built as a replica of the Synarch’s own palace gardens. Matches played there are broadcasted into the homes of countless millions on holoTVs throughout the galaxy.

Unable to completely eliminate all enemies, thwart all intrigues, and appease all violence, the Synarch cleverly created the Games of Glory. He created arenas where champions could come and battle. These battles entertain and appease the public, and serve as a way to divert opposition energy and settle political conflicts.

But, as we know, every coin has two sides. In the arena, legends are born, and these popular fighters gain the love of the people, and must be rewarded and protected by the Synarch.

How to access Arkashan

To play the Arkashan map, you must create a “Custom Game” and invite other players from your Club or from your friends list.

At the bottom of the Custom game screen, there is an option to select a map. It is here that you can cycle between the Svandia and the Arkashan map.

Game mode

On Arkashan, two teams of 4 players will face each other in a capture the points mode.

 To earn the victory, your team must destroy your adversary’s energy core, which is protected by 4 towers and an impenetrable force field. Players must capture “Victory Points” placed throughout the map in order to lower the power of, and eventually deactivate, the enemy force field.

Once the force field has been deactivated, you must destroy the towers protecting the base before being able to penetrate the base and destroy the opponent’s energy core.

Primary Objectives

There are three main Victory Points on the map. To capture them , you must stand on them with your Clone for several seconds (you will see the point change color as it is captured).
If allied players come and stand on the point along with you, you will capture it more quickly. It is to you benefit to stick together and play as a team!

The enemy force field is protected by towers that shoot Erysium projectiles. If you get too close, these will shoot you automatically. The range of the towers is indicated by a red circle on the ground of the arena. You will have to destroy the towers to be able to safely penetrate the enemy base.

Destroying your enemy’s energy core is your primary objective in the Arksahan arena.Do this and you win. Don’t forget to protect you own base as well!

Tips & Secondary Objectives

On Arkashan, two additional points can be captured that will allow you to increase your rate of Credits earned per second. It is in your best interest to capture and maintain control of these points to earn money and upgrade your weapons as soon as possible.

In addition to the weapons shop, your home base is host to an impressive portal that will allow you to teleport to the map’s lower platform.This platform is home to 3 additional portals. Each serves as a gate to strategic points on the map.

Used correctly, these portals will allow you to surprise your enemies and claim victory in the arena! But beware, this platform is also home to THE JUDGE. This boss appears once 5 minutes have passed in the game. He is both powerful and indiscriminately violent. The Clone who manages to kill him will achieve a significant bonus to his armor, attack speed, damage, and hitpoint regeneration. Killing the Judge is no easy task but if you manage, you will become a “Superclone”!
Strong players know that eliminating “THE JUDGE” is typically a team objective. Going alone would be dangerous!

Your training for the Arkashan arena ends here. Good luck!