Patch v1.05 – Booma, Out of Beta

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Patch 1.05! Today, we’re introducing our 16th Clone. With this arsenal of fine warriors at your fingertips, we finally feel that after 5 months in open beta we are prepared to transition to “Games of Glory” the fully released game.

A major thank you to all of our friends and community members who have joined us along this journey. Here is a list of the main updates that are featured in this patch:

New Clone

  • Booma (Skiuteran faction, Tank class) now playable
Booma is a strange but regal figure among the inhabitants of the Skiutera system. All Skiuteran hold her in high regard. When colonizers first arrived, she was leading the defence, but as the power of the invaders became apparent, she signed a peace treaty to stop the killing. Despite this, she was sent to the Games of Glory by the Skiuteran Governor installed by the Synarchy.
Booma increases her movement speed and gains a heal for the duration of the effect, partially reducing her armor
Toxic Beauty
Booma increases her armor and deals damage over time to all opponents near her, but she’ll lose health during the skills duration
Booma’s Trashing
Booma jumps, deals damage and stuns all opponents near the impact area


  • Totally re-factored camera to improve movement and visibility
  • Tweaked bots AI so that they behave better on all difficulty levels, and provide a good challenge for players
  • Updated matchmaking system so that players find ranked matches more quickly –
  • Booma is the new Clone to welcome players on the home screen
  • The XP and Crediti earned per match has been doubled
  • Small boost to Ragnar’s health

Bug Fixes

  • [PC] Minor inconsistencies in font sizes in setting menus, minor menu panel display bugs
  • [PC][PS4] Loss of controller functionality when opening options menu in custom game lobby
  • [PC][PS4] Various minor issues in Clone selection screen
  • [PC] Minor audio fixes on Club creation and Club profile screens
  • [PC][PS4] Players that did not select a team were not kicked from the lobby and/or remained stuck in loading, lobby, or title screen under certain circumstances
  • [PS4] After a network error occurs in a local game, the user would remain stuck on the loading screen when attempting to start another game
  • [PC][PS4] Flickering textures beneath the water tower from the home team spawn point on the Svandia map
  • [PC][PS4] The in-game objective notifications overlapped specific HUD UI elements
  • [PC][PS4] Multiple localization issues
  • [PC] Clone`s graphical asset not displayed on the “Summary” screen after ending a session with players
  • [PS4] Player remained stuck on the “Play/Tutorials” screen if network connectivity lost after selecting “Replay Tutorial”
  • [PS4] In-game UI displayed in the main menu when losing internet connection after accessing the interactive tutorial
  • [PC][PS4] Casting Shih’s “Blade of Perfection” skill displayed a graphical corruption on the Svandia map under specific circumstances
  • [PC][PS4] Sniper`s channeling bar no longer displayed when holding the attack key bind
  • [PC][PS4] Clone not displayed as “owned” if purchased via the Clone selection screen
  • [PC][PS4] Players received a “Failed to connect” error message when selecting the “Club” button after being kicked from a club
  • [PC] The Account Creation screen e-mail text box did not detect if the user has entered an invalid e-mail
  • [PC][PS4] The Quick Game queue could not be canceled after approximately 1 minute of queue time
  • [PS4] The information present in the “Ranking” tab from the “Profile” screen was displayed inconsistently
  • [PC][PS4] Issues with invite button in Custom game lobby
  • [PC][PS4] XP up sound did not stop if player switched screen
  • [PC][PS4] Pinto can no longer use Reload skill if his ranged weapon isn’t empty
  • [PC][PS4] Bots now purchase weapons and upgrades depending on their class/skills preferences
  • [PC][PS4] Player was not redirected to the “Play” screen after account creation
  • [PC][PS4] Ingame shop inactive if opened too early on Svandia
  • [PC][PS4] Flamethrowers mod 2.1 Burning Sparks could stack damages on top of each other

Please don’t be shy, and let us know your feedback!

See you in the arena,

Lightbulb Crew


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