V1.04.01 Patch Notes

New Clones:

  • Suu’chadak (Skiuteran Support class) now playable ingame


  • Added lines for Koinchura killvoice
  • More robust client reconnect
  • Removed non-functional “mailing list” toggle in Settings



  • [PC] “Allow Invites” button inaccurately grayed out
  • [PC] Issue with ranked text on loading screen for certain resolutions
  • [PC][PS4] Placeholder icon instead of Club icon displayed in the “Clone Selection” screen
  • [PC][PS4] Clone purchase confirmation screen remaining displayed in certain cases
  • [PC][PS4] Player’s previous Club briefly displayed after having changed Club
  • [PC] Closing the title while on the loading screen and immediately re-launching/reconnecting causing players to remain stuck
  • [PC] Transfer of players accepted to another Club while already part of one not immediate
  • [PC][PS4] Issue with “Soldi” button functionality when player had insufficient “Soldi” to purchase a Clone
  • [PC][PS4] Tutorial bug causing some players to remain stuck
  • [PC][PS4] Purchased skins not displayed in the “Clone selection” screen prior to rebooting title
  • [PC][PS4] Back button sometimes retained functionality after the start button pressed
  • [PC][PS4] Firing projectiles not traversing control points on Arkashan
  • [PC][PS4] Deadball’s Ultimate skill doing no damage to the Judge
  • [PS4] The “Settings” button prompt overlapping the “Perks” button from the “Profile” menu
  • [PC] EULA and privacy policy display issues on Account creation screen

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