AUGs & Progression

Hello Clone Controllers!

Today we will be talking about the progression system that will be put in place with the next patch.
We will also be providing a brief overview of the Controller levelling system.

Levelling & Progression

If you’ve been paying careful attention, you’ve probably noticed that a Controller level is present in the game. Levels go from 1 – 20.
Starting today, each level up will be accompanied by all kinds of bonuses, ranging from XP/Cr boosts, to skins, to upgrades in a new system known as AUGs or Augmentations.
We know what you’re thinking — what if I’ve already gained lots of levels?? Not to worry! Levels will not be reset and you will retroactively receive the rewards for the levels you have already passed. Let’s see what exactly is AUGs’ system, if you want some more info on what is in our new patch please read this article.


AUGs, or Augmentations, are various types of amplifiers for your characters. For now, they will be automatically applied to your Clone during each match. Each AUG is assigned a point value, and is equipped via an AUGs page, which has a limited number of point slots. The capacity of your AUG page will depend on your Controller level, hence, it goes from 1 to 20.
You can choose to equip your AUG page during the Clone selection screen of the lobby just before a match. The AUGs take effect as soon as the match begins. There are multiple different types of AUGs, modifying various stats ranging from HP to skills to weapons and more. The bonus obtained is subtle, but could be game changing for those skilled enough to take advantage of it!

First Iteration

The AUGs will be introduced progressively throughout a series of patches, and the rewards of progressing through the game will increase. Here is a list of what we will be available in the first patch:

  • An AUG with a 1 point value will be obtained at each level up
  • These universal AUGs will modify the basic constitution of the all Clones. Here is a full list of the AUGs being introduced today:
    • Increased weapon damage
    • Increased skill effects
    • Reduced cooldowns
    • Increased hitpoints
    • Faster hitpoint regeneration
    • Increased armor

– Your Controller will have 1 basic AUG page that will be universally applied to all of your Clones

– The AUG page’s capacity will go up by 1 point with each Controller level up

– New AUGs that you obtain will automatically be attributed to your AUG page

– The AUG page will automatically be equipped before each match

In the future

  • AUGs with different point values and rarety levels
  • Purchasable AUGs (individually, by pack…)
  • Clone-specific AUGs
  • Addition/removal of AUGs to custom AUG pages
  • Purchasable AUG pages
  • Ability to convert AUGs into Creditis
  • Selection of custom AUG page while selecting Clone before a match
  • Additional rewards for progressing through the game!

There we go! Now you know everything there is to know about progression (for now!). These systems will continue to evolve as we keep releasing patches, so please make your voice heard and let us know what you think on our feedback page. We are always listening!

Clément “Stouilleos” Tatchi

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