V1.03.00 Patch Notes

New features:

  • Introducing AUGs: AUGs are small enhancements that apply to Clones players can get by playing the game and leveling up. You can read more about them in our dev blog.
  • Level Rewards: Whenever a player Controller (avatar) levels up, he will receive a reward. Rewards include AUGs, Booster Packs, Crediti, and Skins.


  • Shotgun Tier 2 Pull Magnetic Mod: Reduced the distance of the pull from 100 to 25 and duration from 0.5 to 0.1 seconds.
  • Shih – Implacable Chakram (Ultimate Skill)
    • Decreased distance of the Chakram from 300 to 100
    • Changed number of turns made by the Chakram from 2/4/6 to 4/6/8
    • Ultimate now lasts 3.5/5.25/7 seconds instead of 2.2/4.4/6.6 seconds.
  • Molly – Shade Flare (Skill):  Removed Blind effect; it now only Silences.



  • All league skins have been upgraded with better looking textures.

New Skins:

  • Jorndyr Master Skin (unlocked when reaching level 20)
  • Guards of the Synarchy “Dark Synarchy” color variation Skins
  • Koinchura “Dark Ceremonial” Skin


  • Added an AUGs tile to the Profile screen to access the current active AUGs for all Clones
  • Added visual and sound FX for “End of Match” screens to increase level up feedback
  • Added reward popups when players level up
  • When existing players relaunch the game for the first time, a screen will notify them what rewards they have earned retroactively


  • [PC][PS4] Permanent buffs received from specific mods displaying overlapping the “Respawn timer” in the HUD
  • [PS4] The last selected option from the player info panel remaining highlighted when re-opening it
  • [PS4] Players remaining highlighted in the invite panel following their exit from the lobby
  • [PC][PS4] Solo, bots-only custom games launched immediately after the title screen leading to all Clones grayed out in the Clone selection lobby
  • [PC] User selecting a Clone already selected by another user causing the”Purchase Clone” button to be displayed and overlap the “Lock” button for the user who made the initial selection
  • [PC] Selecting a clone from the “Clone selection” screen causing the “Select” button for the remaining players to disappear temporarily
  • [PC] The “Back” and “Lock” buttons will remain displayed after the “Select your clone” timer runs out
  • [PC] The pop-up asking the player to choose the control scheme never appears
  • [PC][PS4] Sniper cannot shot through coins and dead bodies
  • [PC][PS4] Sniper can shoot through walls without any mods under certain circumstances

The Lightbulb Crew Team.

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  1. […] If you’ve been paying careful attention, you’ve probably noticed that a Controller level is present in the game. Levels go from 1 – 20. Starting today, each level up will be accompanied by all kinds of bonuses, ranging from XP/Cr boosts, to skins, to upgrades in a new system known as AUGs or Augmentations. We know what you’re thinking — what if I’ve already gained lots of levels?? Not to worry! Levels will not be reset and you will retroactively receive the rewards for the levels you have already passed. Let’s see what exactly is AUGs’ system, if you want some more info on what is in our new patch please read this article. […]


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