Patch Note V1.04


Beta Round 2: Replaced Arkashan (Dominion Mode) with Svandia map (Superstar Mode) as the main Quick Game map for ranked games

– Added interactive tutorial to help players understand the Svandia map




“MVP League” bundle containing all existing League Skins

“All-American” bundle Skins and Accessories:

  • Jorndyr Athlete Skin
  • Molly Athlete Skin
  • Football Helmet Accessory


– New Skins in the game store:

  • Jorndyr Squad Leader
  • Deadball Convict
  • Koinchura Bright
  • Xeruud Abyss
  • Molly Cadet
  • Pinto Solitary
  • Grejan Spicy
  • Shih Captain
  • Jasper BlackOps
  • Byorn Turquoise
  • Ragnar Turquoise
  • Saga Turquoise
  • Grendel Turquoise
  • Thror Turquoise



Changes : 

  • Improved initial missions’ icons
  • Changed custom game screen to reflect new main map:
  • Default map mode is now Svandia
  • Group matchmaking is now the first mode
  • Group matchmaking will be done only on Svandia
  • Team size now defaults to 3 vs 3
  • Moved to second stage the Arkashan map
  • Capped out game menu framerate to 60 fps to better optimize for graphics cards



  • [PC][PS4] Accepting an invite while in a created lobby and immediately spamming the “Opponents” button after joining the new lobby causing the player to remain stuck and unable to select a team
  • [PC][PS4] The buttons from the “Shop” panel losing functionality after the round started while having the panel displayed
  • [PC][PS4] Selecting the “Opponents” button from the custom game lobby causing a 4th slot to be briefly displayed for the player
  • [PC][PS4] The Bundle purchase confirmation message improperly displaying if the player attempted to purchase any Bundle immediately after accessing the Bundles screen
  • [PC][PS4] A user accessing any Club’s “Member” panel for the first time after booting the game causing the same list of players to be displayed on any other Club’s “Member” panel
  • [PC][PS4] The graphical asset of the Molly Clone scaling when attacking while moving in a diagonal direction
  • [PC][PS4] No loading bar displayed in the “AUGs” menu while the screen loaded
  • [PC][PS4] Placeholder text present on the first button from the “Accessories” panel of the Jorndyr clone
  • [PC][PS4] The “Join a Club” mission not being properly completed
  • [PC][PS4] Players unable to add other users to their friends list if they have played together in the Quick Game mode
  • [PC][PS4] Issue with gamepad players remaining stuck in Custom Game lobby in certain cases
  • [PC][PS4] Players having background functionality, using the controller, when receiving the “Level up” notification
  • [PS4] Pressing the “Open Keyboard” button bind and immediately navigating to the Club list causing keyboard functionality issues


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