Will you survive the fires of Svandia? New main map hits Tuesday!

Deep in the galaxy, far from the gleaming city walls of Arkashan, lies a dangerous and inhospitable planet known as Svandia.

An abandoned forgery has been converted into a Games of Glory arena, where the great fighters of the galaxy will meet their greatest challenge yet!

Introducing the VIP Mode

We’re halfway through Season 1! That means it’s time to switch main maps, and launch what we’re calling “ROUND 2”.

Fight to the death in an intense Bo9 series of 90 second rounds. Hunt down and kill the enemy superstar, while carefully protecting your own. Play in 3v3, 2v2, or even 1v1.

Sound intimidating? Not to fear! We’ve created a brand new interactive tutorial to help you learn the ropes.

How do I try it out?

Just launch a “Quick Game” or a “Custom Game” from the “Play” menu! All quick games will now automatically queue for the Svandia map.

All games launched via “Quick Game” will count towards your ranking.

The new maps lands this Tuesday June 27th along with a few more content surprises! Be sure and join us to try out the patch for our Tuesday night developer stream on the Twitch channel.

As always, we’ll be counting on you to give us your feedback.

See you on Svandia!

The LBC team

Comments (1)

  1. Iron-J98 says:

    Ich finde die neue map ziemlich gut aber die alte 4 vs 4 map mit modi war besser.
    Macht weiter so !!


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