Ranking System

Hello Clone Controllers!

Today, we’re going to look in a little more detail at Games of Glory’s ranking system, which you can see ingame on the “Profile” tab, and out-of-game on our website by visiting http://games-of-glory.com/login .

The basis

Ranking begins once a player has reached level 5.

10 levels of rank exist, with 10 being the lowest and 1 being the highest. Each rank contains a maximum of 5 medals that can be unlocked.
Each player begins at rank 10 with 1 medal. Each match won will earn him 1 additional medal. Consequently, every match lost will cause him to lose one medal.

If you have no more medals and you lose a match, you will move down a rank, where you will start out with 4 medals already unlocked. On the other hand, if you win a game with five medals already unlocked, you will move up one rank and begin as a one medal member of your new rank.

Rank Jumping

Our goal is for each match to be as balanced as possible. In order to do this, the matchmaking uses an elo system. Elo is hidden for all players except those who are in the top 10 featured in the “Superstar” ranking. It is still necessary, though, for us to link the elo and the ranking systems, so that we do not have too many players stagnating in the higher ranks.

So, each time you gain a new ranking, if your elo is too high for the following rank, you will skip it and move several ranks up the ladder directly.

Rank 1

As with rank 10, once you reach Rank 1, you can no longer lose any more ranks. You will keep Rank 1 until the end of the season.

The Seasons

Just like a regular sports season, ranks are partially restarted at the beginning of each season. A few weeks before the end of a season, the players will no longer be able to lose any more ranks. At the season’s end, and the beginning of the new one, the ranks will be redefined and most players will lose several ranks as they begin the new season.

Rank 1 will begin the season completely empty.

Rank Names

Here are the names of each rank, based on some of the most famous locations in the known universe:

  • Rang 1 : Svandia Kings
  • Rang 2 : Dead End Hunters
  • Rang 3 : Skiutera Storm Eagles
  • Rang 4 : Eloi Phoenixes
  • Rang 5 : K’ellor Iron Rhinos
  • Rang 6 : Hast S Sand Snakes
  • Rang 7 :  Glorii Space Knight
  • Rang 8 : Antliae Prime Warriors
  • Rang 9 : Krep Pioneers
  • Rang 10 : New Eden Puppies

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