Finally it’s ALIVE ! This is what the whole team is feeling now, a day or so after the releasing Games of Glory into Open beta on Playstation and Steam .

All our work until now has led to this day. However the release into Open beta is only the start of the adventure, there are so many things still to work on!
Please help us out by going to our feedback page with your comments. We also obviously listen to fb, twitter etc, but to get a real discussion going please use the feedback page.

The release went fairly well despite changing plans at the last second about specific release times.
Today we ran out of server slots, and managed to fix it quickly… That is a nice problem to have!

We are working both with a longer term overall vision of where we want to take the game, as well as a very immediate list of stuff to fix in the short term. We need your feedback on what is needed to Games of Glory to where it should go!

We are planning a first hotfix that we hope to get out the door this week, as we have seen a few things we need to fix immediately, and here are some of them:

  • Deadball and Grejan are just too strong! We will be nerfing both of them to get them to a more balanced level with the other Clones.
  • In certain situations we have seen that matchmaking is taking longer than it should. We are trying to get a fix for this in asap
  • We also have seen too many matches being unbalanced. We are working to improve the quality of the matches, as this is critical for both beginners and experienced players

In the months to come there are a number of important updates planned: New Clones, Club rankings and challenges, Improved communication in-game, Spectating client, a better training room etc. Go here and help us choose.

At Lightbulb we are a Crew, and just by reading this and playing the game you are also part of it! We are looking at streams, talking to players and reading all feedback to better understand what we need to do to improve the game.


See you in the arena!



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