Annoucement! We’re bringing Games of Glory to a new platform

Porting to a new platform

Nope, you’re not dreaming!

It feels like it was just a few weeks ago that we announced at PlayStation®4 experience that we were releasing Games of Glory on PS4 with cross-play between console and PC (meaning players on both platforms can play together).

And now, it is with great pleasure that we once again get to share some big news!
In the depths of the studio, we’ve been hard to work to bring Games of Glory to a brand new console. We’ve waited until the last minute to tell you.


You heard right! After an overwhelming volume of requests from the community, we have decided to accomodate. As our very own president, Mr. Anders Larsson cited in our press release:

“We have heard your demands!”

Best of all, in an exclusive exclusivity, for the first time, we are unveiling the brand new box set, soon to be distributed:

Games of Glory will officially become the first twin-stick shooter cross-platform Playstation 4 – PC – Super Nintendo.
And all this thanks to a new accessory developed uniquely for Games of Glory, the “Twin Stick Advantage”:

We have been able to combine the best of the phenomenal power of this console. We are proud to announce that we have pushed the 16bit format to the maximum, and the result is breathtaking.
Here is an exclusive photo of the character selection screen:

That’s all for the moment. Stay tuned for more news on Games of Glory and its imminent release!


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