Closed Beta: Closing Thoughts

That’s it, we’ve just finished cleaning the sands of the arena.The doors are closed and so is the beta weekend.

First of all we all wanted to say to the players who came from all across the galaxy. Thank you, you all rock.

We are still reviewing your feedback, and we promise that we will polish the game with all of our love!

And while we’re still trying to figure out how to take back Jasper’s flamethrower without getting transformed into crispy snacks, check out our planned changes for the day one patch :

What we're doing with your feedback:

Tl; dr : Better ingame visibility, smoother feedback, and some tutorial videos you’ll love. Plus the game is even shinier. 😉

Better instructions

We saw that some of you were a bit lost in our arenas, so we’re adding tutorial videos for basic movement and each game mode (Arkashan and Svandia). Don’t worry though, they will be skippable if you already know what to do.

About ingame readability

Being the pro players that you are (don’t be modest), you’ve asked  for more clarity in game. We’re adding lots of feedback: teleporters so beautiful you won’t believe it, reworking the HUD in order to improve visibility, and making the colors easier to understand (red for ennemies, blue for allies, and green for yourself).

For instance, here is a screenshot that I’ve stolen from a playtest session… Don’t tell anyone…

The game will be shinier

Some skins (most of Synarch’s guards,  some ceremonial skins…) are also tweaked with more details and shiny effects, now they are so magnificent that even Karl Jorndyrfeld would be jealous.

For instance, have a look at Junko’s ceremonial skin :

Ingame feels more natural

We’ve worked a lot on the feeling of the game itself; tweaking clone’s animation in order to reduce the “floating” feeling when moving or strafing, clones maneuvers are now looking true-to-life!

And the usual bug fixing work

You all know the drill, using our bug exterminator in order to improve your ingame experience, we’re paying a special treat to in-game reconnection. So if you dropped out for any unknown reason, you’ll be able to reconnect as smoothly as possible and show everyone you’re not a rage quitter. 😉

One last thing…

Our community support IS super important to us.
Feel free to tell us in the comments/social networks what you think about this article.
Furthermore the studio is now forcing me to say that all the jokes are from me and that no Clones were harmed while writing this text.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more info on the release.
See you in the arena!

Loïc, “Shibanubis” Verita

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  1. Faucino says:

    Bonjour, je pourrais avoir les OST du jeu (Menu et Champion Select) svp je kiff trop le son <3

  2. Loic Verita says:

    On va voir si c’est possible 🙂

  3. Faucino says:

    Ok merci bien ! 🙂


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