The Games of Glory Journey

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As most of you probably know, creating a game is not a simple task. Not to mention a mutiplayer online game who’s goal is to present a new mash-up on classic and beloved genres! Today we are happy to announce that our early access phase is coming to an end, and that we are now in the final stretch of bugfix and polish as we prepare for release.

There will be a few more surpise annoucements along the way. 🙂

For those of you who are just joining us on the journey, Games of Glory is a free-to-play, top-down team-shooter. Players compete in the only sport that matters in a futuristic universe known as the Synarchy. Short, intense battles unfold in 8 to 25 minutes on maps including the majestic Arkashan Arena and the fiery slopes of the Svandian Foundry. Our intention in creating the game was to take shooter and action mechanics and put them into a top-down environment.

A winding path

3 ½ years ago we started working on Games of Glory, with the idea to develop the game in close communication with prospective players. Through our alpha releases and event participations we found a community of players that believed in Games of Glory, just as much as we did. Blinded by the positive reactions at events, we rushed to release it as an early access title on Steam.

Our early access launch was an incredible learning experience, but we quickly realized that it was premature. Technical issues made the experience negative with a lot of players that seemed to be AFK, while they in fact wanted to play. Despite this we had decent reviews, and those that got through the issues were quite positive. We also received a lot of feedback, in-game, on Steam, in reviews, in forums etc. We made a list of EVERY piece of feedback and decided how to treat it. We also realized that we needed to improve overall quality significantly. We went back to the drawing board and redid the game, recreating many parts of the game from scratch.

jordnyr beforeafterface

What's next?

Now finally we near the release of the new and improved Games of Glory. We want to deliver a great experience to all those that have tried out Games of Glory, and also get as many as possible as excited about the games as we are. First however, we need to take down the current Steam version as it is not at all representative of what the new version will be. It is the same reason why we have removed old images and forums and relaunched our website.

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Comments (4)

  1. Hi guys, this is Philippe Da Silva, Producer on Games of Glory.
    I couldn’t underline how excited we all are in the team to get the game in your hands!… It’s coming… Soon…

  2. UPAlbion says:

    were so proud of you.

  3. Brandon Gibson says:

    Hey! It’s Bdiver from NA! So very proud to have been a part of the early stages of Games of Glory, so many good talks and games! I hope everyone is doing well out there and I look forward to returning to Games of Glory upon release! I have had all the faith in World in you all as a team, the friendliest of folks! That Mouse still sits on my desk unopened and I wear your shirt with pride from time to time…once again thank you all! Can’t wait…Hurry up!!! 😜

  4. Loic Verita says:

    We’re doing as fast as we can, promised ! 😉


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