Games of Glory is coming to PlayStation®4!

Games of Glory is coming to PlayStation®4 and Steam in early 2017 - with crossplay!

Dear Games of Glory community,

Today we are super excited to announce to you that we will be coming to PlayStation®4 and Steam in 2017, with cross play between both platforms.

This weekend, we head to Anaheim, California for PlayStation Experience 2016, where we will be debuting the first ever live demo of the game on PS4.

To celebrate this announcement we are also releasing two brand new videos, including the first ever public footage of the new version of the game! Check out the gameplay trailer out at the bottom of the post, following our Q&A section.

Lightbulb Crew announced in August 2014 that Games of Glory was in Alpha, why has it taken so long for the game to officially launch?

We went into alpha really early to get feedback on the game from the start. We included many new features and changes when we launched the early access version in May 2015.

In retrospect we now see that the Early Access launch was quite premature. As we realized that, we launched into a significant remake of the game. We really want to get things right.

We are a young, independent studio with a clear philosophy: innovating while involving our community. Together with our players we are learning every day.

Our goal in bringing the game to console was to give PC and PS4 players the chance to play together.  We are excited to release a game that we are proud of.

Why the decision to port the game to PS4 in addition to PC?

Games of Glory is a fun, action-oriented game with a free-aiming weapons system that we felt was really well adapted to PC and to console.

What was the development team focused on during this 2 year span?

Game development is really an iterative process. Early on we developed in smaller iterations and added functionality step by step. What we realized about 1 year ago was that we had to change so many things that to do smaller incremental changes was not possible. A large part of the work since then has been adapting the game-play and introducing new functionality to ensure that playing on the with controllers on the PS4 and on PC is well balanced compared to playing with mouse and keyboard. We also upgraded graphics, visual effects, sound, etc from the ground up.

That includes upgrading all of our characters, a better weapons system, and an all new decor for the maps. We also worked to reinforce the unique points of the game and eliminated certain features that were more generic.

Typically PC games play differently than the same game on a gaming console. How will Lightbulb Crew ensure that cross platform play remains balanced between PS4 and PC players?

Certain games are by their nature pretty much impossible to make cross-playable, especially first- and third person shooters and RTS. This is due to the fact that the fundamental game mechanics and controls give an advantage to the ability to point with the mouse, much faster and accurate than with a stick. With Games of Glory we avoid this by making everything directional. There is no situation when you select a specific character or position. Another of Games of Glory’s qualities is its adaptation to twin stick with moving and strafing. This is arguable more ergonomically easy using twin sticks rather than mouse and keyboard. Our goal was for things to feel natural. Players move with one stick and aim with the other.

We asked some professional players of games like League of Legends and Halo to come in come in and put our crossplay to the test. After spending two weeks at the office extensively testing and helping us to tweak the game, both sides feel that the cross-platform play is quite balanced.

What is the team’s plan for releasing new content to the game? Will new content be offered regularly? What is the planned price point?

Games of Glory has always been, and will always be, a truly free-to-play title. This means we are strong in our conviction that the game should be fun to play without spending any money.

We have MANY content updates planned. Release is just day one of a new and exciting journey. We will release new characters, a perks system, and many more features with a regular cadence. We will still depend on player telling us what would improve the game to guide our decisions.

For those of you less familiar with the game dev process, there comes a point where we have to stop “adding things” and start focusing on the bugs in what we have in order to ensure a good experience for players when we release.

The whole team looks forward to releasing many exciting features  during the coming months. We are already working on a first round of characters that will come out in our first patch!

Will early access players be rewarded?

Absolutely! We won’t yet reveal exactly how, but for those of you who joined us during the early access and would like to find out more about the status of your account in the released version, we invite you to check out our closing early access FAQ.

How can I get in touch or subscribe?

Feel free to shoot us an email at contact@lightbulbcrew. Sign up for closed beta access here, and we also invite you to sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.

Finally we would like to give a huge thank you to our amazing community. We are excited to take the next step with you!

Lightbulb Crew


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