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Meet Junko !
June 25

Our newest Clone, Junko, has landed in the Synarchy's arenas! She is a Scout type Clone who fights for the Kantour faction.

Junko was working for Khain Corp as a security agent and top-notch explorer when she touched down on Kantour with her droid companion FL-6. She found herself intrigued by the indigenous people, species, and natural way of life. 48 days after having landed, she cut off all communications with her employer. When the Synarchy’s ship rediscovered Kantour, Junko was found fighting on the side of the locals.

Read more about Junko on her clone page.

Making Waves At DreamHack Summer
June 18

We were thrilled to get the chance to head back to Jönköping, Sweden for Lightbulb Crew's fourth Dreamhack! The Games of Glory booth at Dreamhack Summer was full of great vibes. On Monday, we hosted a 16 team tournament on our 3v3 Svandia map. Jockes Pojkar took home the win, and some sweet cash and gamer chairs along with it! Congratulations to them! 

Thank you to everyone who came and visited our booth, and to those of you who couldn't be there we hope to see you next time! You can check out more pictures of the Games of Glory booth at Dreamhack Summer in our Facebook album here.

Steam launch party at Meltdown Paris
May 27

After a ton of hard work it was great to finally cut loose and celebrate the Steam release of Games of Glory! A huge thank you to the Meltdown Paris, one of our favorite eSport bars, for hosting the event. The Lightbulb Crew team got together with our alpha testers and some members of the press to play rounds of GoG and enjoy Games of Glory themed drinks all night long! 

You can check out more pictures from our release party here

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Leave the laning phases behind as you enter a universe of non-stop action, where every shot is aimed, and true skill will be your only defense.

Tactical choices

Tactical choices

Become a powerful contender by equipping your Clone with any of 50 different weapons. Tear into enemies from afar with a Clean Sweep sniper before switching to melee as you hop into the pack.


Tailor your Clone’s capacities with razor sharp precision via limitless combinations of offensive and defensive mods. Show off your mastery of the meta-game with strategic builds adapted to your team and your competitors.

Powerful Clones

  • Tribal Boomerang

    Throws a damage dealing boomerang which then returns to her

  • Tumble

    Tumbles to throw off all immobilizing, blinding, and slowing effects

  • Hunting Net

    Drops a net trap to immobilize and reveal allies

  • FL-6 Overheating

    Drone FL-6 launches an energy damaging projectile across the map

  • Bestial Leap

    Jumps on his target, if it is an enemy, he deals damage

  • Blood Lust

    Temporarily boosts his attack speed

  • Sticky Gob

    Spits sticky saliva to reduce targets movement speed

  • Vampire Crunch

    Swallows his targets vital essence to heal himself

  • Neurotoxins

    Damages and stuns target by injecting them with venom

  • Poison Jelly

    Casts his own poisonous essence to damage enemies

  • Slime Trail

    Generates a slime trail to slide towards and harm enemies

  • Toxic Swamp

    Imprisons enemies in a pool of his own toxins to slow and damage

  • Space-time Distortion

    Bends the space-time continuum to teleport himself

  • Unstable Bolt

    Shoots pure energy in a damage dealing bolt

  • Potential Power Focus

    Fills his attacks with pure energy

  • Overload

    Releases a huge energy wave to push, slow, damage enemies

  • Gravitational Pull

    Draws opponents towards her and slows them

  • Jam Trap IH7

    Sets a trap that reveals and deals temporary damage to targets

  • Magnetic Road

    A long magnetic lane speeds up allies and harms enemies

  • Rocket Boost

    Performs up to 3 succesive quick dashes

  • Avalanche

    Creates an enormous mass of snow to bury all opponents in his path

  • Freezing Needle

    Throws an ice projectile to slow down targets

  • Blizzard Bomb

    Creates a blizzard that restricts the fields of vision of opponents within it

  • Ice Wall

    Casts a wall of ice to protect allies and augment Armor and Energy Shield

  • Sidestep

    Dashes quickly in the designated direction

  • Reload

    Instantly recharges his ranged weapon's ammunition

  • Laser Pulse

    Inflicts energy damage, blinds, slows, then stuns

  • Fire at will

    Strikes targets in a cone AOE with his backup weapons

  • Caltrops

    Creates a damaging trap on the ground

  • Proximity Mine

    Drops an invisible mine that gives vision

  • Satellite Strike

    Takes control of a solar satellite to deal energy damage

  • Shade Flare

    Blinds and silences opponents in front of her

  • Death Flower

    Deals damage to surrounding opponents by whirling around.

  • Broken Heart

    Blinds opponents with their own desires, leaving them unable to attack

  • Love Amazement

    Targets fall in love with her, damaging them and rooting them in place

  • Coup de Grâce

    Teleports to her target to deal true damage

  • Svandia's Revenge

    Confirms opponents' temporary damage

  • Khain Corp Neutralizer

    Releases a force wave that stuns and deals temporary damage

  • Charge

    Increases the movement speed of his allies

  • Protection Field

    Provides a protective, absorbing shield for his allies

  • Eye Opener

    Releases a powder to increase allies attack speed and immunize them to CC effects

  • Libuscca's Surprise

    Shoots a mushroom that stuns the first enemy hit

  • Medicinal Herbs

    A trail of medicinal herbs heals allies and harms enemies

  • Tanndu Spores

    Creates a plant with damage dealing spores

  • Flash grenade

    Throws a flash grenate that blinds enemies

  • Impregnable Barrier

    Immunizes himself or an ally to all damage with an impregnable field.

  • Position Inverter

    Swaps positions with an ally or an enemy to gain a movement speed bonus

  • Medpacks

    Throws a medpack to heal an ally or uses one on himself

  • Crush

    Chucks his ball and chain to deal damage

  • Heal

    Uses willpower to heal his own wounds

  • Chain

    Roots opponents in place with his chains

  • Stun

    Swings his ball around to damage and stun

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